Inspired by Dragonflies

Dragonflies symbolize metamorphosis and transformation. They embody change, which is why we chose to name our brand after them. Our hope is that this supplement line will make obvious and positive changes in the lives of the women who take them. From tackling stress and lack of energy to improving hair, skin and nail health, we’ve got supplements targeting nutrition, weight loss, performance and more. Here at Chadtra Nutritionals, we are committed to making the physical and emotional transitions that women face as easy (enjoyable!) and stress free as possible.

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Designed with Intention

As women age, it can be disheartening to find energy levels, mental clarity and overall vibrancy are no longer what they used to be. Hormones play a huge role in a woman's life and as menopause approaches and your body prepares for transition, it can be hard to feel fresh and confident every single day. With supplements designed to compliment women’s changing bodies and meet their evolving needs, we aim to provide nutrition, weight loss support, cognitive improvement and more. By meeting these needs, we aim to not only see improvement in women physically, but emotionally as well. Our goal is that each customer will find improvement in their confidence, appearance and self-esteem through the consistent use of our supplements and support.